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Duyuru : The Foundations of the Science Bridge between Bayburt University and the 'Oldest' University of the world has been laid.
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Two different cooperation protocols have been signed between Bayburt University and the Darülhadis al-Hasaniye Institute of Karaviyyin University in Morocco, which is registered by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and Guiness Book of Records as the world's oldest university. 
At the signing ceremony held at the Darülhadis al-Hasaniye Institute in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, two different protocols covering academic cooperation and Mevlana Exchange Program has been signed.
It has been mentioned, that the protocols, signed by the rector of Bayburt University Prof.Dr. Selçuk COŞKUN and director of the Darülhadis al-Hasaniye Institute Prof. Dr. Ahmed el-HAMLİŞİ will increas the strategic cooperation and cultural sharing between the two universities. 
Rector of Bayburt University Prof.Dr. Coskun stated that they believed in the universality of science and expressed that they wanted to go and get it wherever it is. Prof.Dr. Coşkun also stated that the cultural and historical ties between the two countries were based on the Ottoman era and that the scientific consensus on the common denominator would be beneficial for both countries.
The Director of the Institute Prof.Dr. al-Hamlişi, underlined that this mutual cooperation is a very good development for both sides and added that mutual exchange of students and lecturers will be a means to open new horizons.
Besides the university delegations, Turkey's ambassador in Rabat Ethem Barkan Öz and Director of Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) in Rabat Ensar Fırat also attended the signing ceremony.
In Karaviyyi University a rather old training system of a course ring of 20 people is still being implemented for over a thousand years. 
In addition to the founder Fatima al-Fihri, philosophers Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Rushd and Ibn Bace; medical scholars Ibn Meymun, geographer Eş-Sharif al-Idrisi and mystic Ibn Hazm, Abdusselam Bin Meşis and many other famous scholars have been graduated from Karaviyyi university.


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