ITU Rector Karaca and 'New' Generation Universities

Bayburt University's "University; Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Rector Prof.Dr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca gave information about the transformations that occurred as a result of technological developments and the importance of innovation.

Khan began by mentioning the conference in the world and the history of the university in Turkey, he said every technological development results into a new vision of the university. Emphasizing that the universities are divided into four groups, Karaca said that the 'Education' vision, reflecting the classical medieval tradition, became 'academic production' afterwards, and the third generation universities based on 'R & D' became the centers producing 'innovation / entrepreneurship' in the 21st century. Karaca pointed out that especially the ITU Technology Transfer Office is training innovation-producing entrepreneurs and warned Bayburtlu students about entrepreneurial spirit movements. Pointing out that the former generation of civil servant is behind, Karaca pointed out that entrepreneurs who produce information-based systems control large capital.

Having answered the questions of the students and academicians after the presentation, Karaca mentioned that he attached importance to the establishment of mutual cooperation by inviting many students to İTÜ. Karaca also stated that his wife was Bayburt and that he felt responsible for Bayburt for this reason, and that he was Bayburt himself.

Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan, Mayor Mete Memiş, Rector Prof.Dr. Selcuk Coskun and AK Party Provincial Chairman Fatih Yumak, as well as academic and administrative personnel and students attended.