With Respect to the Public

We see that the Trump administration initiated a heavy and open process of disrespect and attack on the Turkish people, the legitimate government and the legal system.

Trump administration clearly and directly supports the terrorist organizations that constitute the greatest threat to the security of our country. They are attempting to protect their citizens who are trying to support terrorist organizations illegally under the clergy. It tries to establish and direct illegal and unintentional pressures on the Turkish nation and its legitimate institutions.

Trump administration executes this kind of insincere and unlawful systematic application not only to Turkey and the Turkish nation, also to many other countries and their legitimate governments since the first day he came to power. And in these days it uses economic elements like a weapon against Turkey, by ignoring the established international commercial code of conduct. This attitude threatens the economic order, social well-being and security of our country.

With respect to the public we will express our belief and support that we will continue to support the rightful stance of the legitimate government of our country and of other countries, to the last, for the peace and security of the international community against the efforts of the Trump administration to seperate the world and divide it into poles