3rd International Symposium On New Technologies in Engineering (ICADET) Started With The Opening Ceremony

The 3rd International Symposium ICADET- about New Technologies in International Engineering, organized by the Engineering Faculty of Bayburt University, has started with the official opening ceremony.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Hanafi Bayraktar who made the opening speech mentioned  that the symposium, which was launched in a national context, had reached international coverage for two years. Prof.Dr.Bayraktar stated that the symposium brought together more participants than popular international conferences and stated that 450 authors from 60 universities in 14 different countries applied with 360 papers and 285 papers were accepted. He expressed his thanks  to the General Manager Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Şahap Kavcıoğlu who is one of the stakeholders of the symposium and Chairman of the Organizing Committee Dr. Fatih Yılmaz and all the members.

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Metin Uçurum gave information about the academic, social and cultural activities of Bayburt University. He thanked the participants and the symposium organizers and wished for an innovative event to be realized with significant scientific contributions to the national and international field

The dean of the Faculty of Art and design of Bayburt University Prof. Dr. Haldun Özkan who held an presentation named 'Bayburt On The Silk Road’spoke with geostrategic emphasis on the results of the surveys they carried out as university and the artistic and cultural importance of Bayburt's history. Introducing Bayburt's historical and cultural sites, Prof.Dr. Özkan talked about a system of values dominated by the concepts of homeland and nation. Prof.Dr Özkan thanked the academicians who came together in Bayburt, the intersection point between civilizations throughout history and touched upon the importance of the organization in which different cultures were represented.

The symposium, which will last for two days with various sessions, is hosted in the specially prepared halls of the Faculty of Engineering and bearing the names of leading scientists of the engineering discipline. During the conference, hundreds of different scientific views on the field of engineering are intended to create an independent accumulation and produce solution proposals.