Aims and Goals

Aims and Goals

To establish, develop and maintain cooperations like joint programs, projects, researches, meetings and other fields in order to realize the following goals with foreign universities by taking into consideration the needs and potential of our university.

To provide information flow to all kind of programs and projects, especially Erasmus, coordinated by the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center, to assist the teaching staff in the university to produce and / or participate in projects.

To maintain the necessary works for the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and Diploma Supplement (DE) within the framework of the Bologna Process in order to ensure that our university is a recognized university in the European Union and also in other higher education institutions in the world.

To make the necessary arrangements to help the academic staff to participate in the international education and research programs by benefiting from European Union Education Programs and University resources,

To make necessary arrangements and organize orientation programs to meet the accommodation needs of incoming students and academic staff from foreign universities,

To announce international projects, programs, seminars and similar opportunities to the students and academic staff at the university by using all kind of audio –visuell communication tools.