Academic Opening Excitement At the Bayburt University

The Opening Ceremony of Bayburt University 2018-2019 Academic Year was held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education and was attended by the President of the Strategy and Budget Directorate Naci Ağbal, Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan, Mayor Mete Memiş, Garrison Commander David Balibaşa, Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun, Police Chief Sezayi Er, academicians, press members and students.

Befor the speech of Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun, Governor Pehlivan and Mayor Memiş put emphasize on the importance of Bayburt University for the city and added that they intend to increas the the number of jointly produced projects.

Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun started his speech by underlining the duties and responsibilities of universities, academicans and students during the days of the economic war. Speaking about the activities of the Bayburt University, he talked about the newly opened departments, the current status of the Bâbertî Complex, the projects being implemented, new faculties, number of students and other developments. Addressing the academics and students, Coşkun stated that the new generation of universities is obliged to train the students who produce and that information should be transcended beyond stocking. Sharing the plans and targets of Bayburt University in the new academic year with the guests, Coşkun said that they are working on a training model that is focused on innovations, digitalization processes and information technologies. Coşkun mentioned the importance of working together, making effort and producing. He ended his speech by transferring the advices of the elders to the students.

After the speech of Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun, President of  Strategy and Budget Directorate Mr. Ağbal was called to the podium to give the first lecture of the new academic year. He started his speech by expressing his gratitude to those who contributed to the development of the Bayburt University, especailly Türkish President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

At the beginning of his thematic lesson ‘Education, Technology, Innovation: Key Trends for the Future?’, which he called symbolic speech, he showed the first speech of the founder of the Alibaba e-commerce site during honorary doctorate. Indicating that the world education system has changed, Ağbal said that the educational expenditures of the countries are increasing day by day and added that todays education concept is not storing information, but to produce, reproduce and  enrich through imagination. Ağbal also stated that the production has become more optional in our age, where the transition from detachable products to personalized and non-digital based products has been experienced and mentioned many details such as Big Data, Data Mining, Internet of Things, Block Chain, Robotic Production. Ağbal concluded that West-based technology production started to shift to the Far East as a result of R & D investments and we had to produce if we want to have a say  in this sector.

At the end of the ceremony, academicians who received Associate Professor and Professor degrees, and academicians who achieved success with various projects were presented.