Bayburt University is in the Top 3 thousand in the URAP World Ranking

URAP, which operates within the Metu Informatics Institute, which evaluates universities in Turkey and around the world every year according to various criteria and ranks them with scores, has published the world ranking lists 2020-2021.

Bayburt University succeeded in being one of the top 3 thousand universities in the University Ranking By Academic Performance (URAP) 2020-2021 World Universities List held within the METU Informatics Institute.

As in previous years, URAP rankings were evaluated this year, taking into account differences in higher education, scientific publications made by universities, indicators that take into account the nature and quantity of publications. In light of these evaluations, universities were ranked according to the number of articles, number of citations, total number of scientific documents, total publication effect, total citation effect and scores they received in the international cooperation titles.

According to Metu University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) 2020-21 list of World Universities, Bayburt university received an article score of 5.49, a citation score of 25.73, a total document score of 22.84, a total citation impact score of 23.45 and a total score of 9.9 as an international collaboration, reaching a total score of 93.85.

In the URAP evaluation, where the universities with the highest scores were ranked, Bayburt University continued to rise by ranking 2803 among the top 3000 universities in the World Universities List.