Bayburt University Surpassed Many Well-established Universities of Our Country in the “Higher Education Quality Board Satisfaction Survey”
The Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK ) who is established independently and autonomously to evaluate the quality levels of education and research activities and administrative services of higher education institutions according to national and international quality standards and to carry out internal and external quality assurance, accreditation processes and authorization of independent external evaluation institutions, has announced the “2019 Staff Satisfaction Survey Results” conducted at universities.
In a study applied on the satisfaction of academic and administrative staff working in higher education institutions, higher education institutions were ranked on different indicators. In the satisfaction survey conducted by taking into account different parameters, evaluations were made in five different categories as "General Information of the Institution", "Quality Assurance System", "Education and Training", "Research and Development" and "Social Contribution".
According to the internal evaluation criteria determined by YÖKAK, within the framework of the internal evaluation reports of the institution prepared by universities every year and the evaluations made through other indicators determined, Bayburt University surpassed many well-established state universities by ranking 9th in the evaluation of administrative staff satisfaction survey, which includes 88 state universities with a satisfaction rate of 80 percent and ranking 17th in the academic staff satisfaction survey evaluation,