Friday Prayer Happiness at Bayburt University

In the courtyard of the Bayburt University Mustafa Köseoğlu Mosque, Friday prayer was held providing that all necessary measures were taken against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.


After the announcement of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, that the Friday prayer will be performed gradually as of May 29 among the mosques, that cannot be worshiped with the congregation since 16 March, with sufficient gardens, courtyards and open areas. Thus, necessary measure were taken for the Friday prayer in Bayburt University Mustafa Köseoğlu Mosque as well.


Before the Friday prayer in the Mustafa Köseoğlu Mosque, which is located in the Baberti Complex of Bayburt University and is one of the biggest mosques in Bayburt, all the measures determined by the Presidency, the Ministry of Health and the Directorate of Religious Affairs were taken against the coronavirus pandemic.


In Bayburt University Mustafa Köseoğlu Mosque, where the ablution rooms and toilets were kept closed, disinfectant liquids were placed at the entrance of the mosque, masks were distributed to the visitors who came to prayer without a mask before the Friday prayer which was performed in the open air, in accordance with the determined social distance measures.  Warnings were given by the Bayburt University officials to the visitors who came to the Friday prayer against the risk of the spread of the virus, including violation the safe distance in the mosque and in the area where the prayer would be performed, wearing a mask and avoiding physical contact before and after prayers.


Complying with all the precautions taken in the courtyard of the Bayburt University Mustafa Köseoğlu Mosque and using their own prayer rugs in the places designated for them, the congregation experienced the happiness of performing Friday prayers in mosques for the first time since March 16.