The First Distance Education Course was given by Rector Coşkun at Bayburt University

Distance education has launched with approximately 14 thousand students and 420 academic staff at Bayburt University, after the interruption given to formal education due to the new type of Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.


Bayburt University has immediately fullfilled its distance education system usage requirements and started periodic education activities in digital environment as of March 23, within the scope of Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures after related decision of Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) which lead to interruption in formal education in universities.


All required preparations were completed and the Distance Education System was implemented at Bayburt University to avoid any interruption at the periodic education due to the measures taken against new type of coronavirus. Accordingly, more than 14 thousand students and 420 lecturers have been registered to the online system at Bayburt University by completing all required preparations for all infrastructure and information systems.


The first lesson of the distance education in which the students could participate interactively was presented by the Bayburt University Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun. Pointing out the vital importance of warnings of the Ministry of Health, Rector Coşkun addressed to the students in the first lesson: "In this difficult period  that we are currently going through, you show the sensitivity which will be an example for all of Turkey during this important struggle given by our country. I wish you healthy days and congratulate you wholeheartedly. Please, remain staying at home for our future and continue to follow us. We would like to emphasize that we already miss you very much. Together, we will overcome these tough times. "

Additionally, Rector Coşkun noted that they have the neccessary infrastructure at the Bayburt University, have the capability of providing distance education to more than 14 thousand students with the necessary infrastructure and equipment as a result of activities carried out by a group under the leadership of YÖK president Yekta Saraç, and will eventually complate this period continued with the slogan 'Stay at Home, Take Advantage of Distance Education' in the most efficient way with the support of professional staff and devoted approach of students.


Rector Coşkun addressed to academic staff and students on the information about how to conduct distance education and answered the questions arised from students after the first distance education lesson ends.