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An award to traditional Ehram Weaving Master Sevim Ataner, from the President of the Turkish Republic Erdoğan

Ehram Master Sevim Ataner, who was working in the Ehram workshop which carried out her activities within the body of our university, was awarded by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the ‘Living Human Treasures Representatives of the Heritage Transferred to the Future’ awards ceremony organized at the Bestepe National Convention and Culture Center.  

In the Ehram workshop established within our university, Ehram weaving Master Sevim Ataner, who has contributed greatly to Ehram weaving to reach these day, has been one of 21 awarded person in the category of ‘Living Human Treasures Representatives of the Heritage Transferred to the Future.’

Ataner has been working on Ehram weaving from young age and has still been working on Ehram within our university.  Sevim Ataner, known as the most competent name on Ehram in Turkey, also raises new names with courses to help prevent the loss of traditional art.

Delivering a speech at the ceremony, President Erdoğan said, “We are proud of our values, whose knowledge and skills ensure that our country's cultural treasure is carried to the present and passed on to future generations. We have very valuable people in every city of Turkey. We know that people who grew up with the ancient Ahi culture, not only performing their crafts by displaying their skills, but also, carry the values ​​that bring the society together and bring it together to the future. Blessed hands that write with a pen, beat with a hammer, prick with a needle, and cut with a saw, also strive for the conquest of hearts. It has been our nation's greatest goal for generations to do a good job, to always be busy with good works, and finally to receive the love of Allah on this occasion. Our ancestors, who looked at the world, life and the geography within this perspective, trained very important masters in almost every field from ironwork to muralist, from weaving to calligraphy, from carpentry to herbalism.

”Ataner, who took her award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, expressed her honor for being honored for such an award, and expressed her satisfaction in the appreciation of what she has done so far in Ehram art.  Ataner said, " I am very thankful to Prof. Dr. Mutlu Türkmen, Rector of Bayburt University, and his team, who provides jobs for us by fully supporting the Ehram weawing and all our projects. "  

Ataner, who was honored to be deemed worthy of the "Living Human Treasures Representatives of the Heritage Transferred to the Future " award, stated that she was honored not only on her own behalf, but also on behalf of her hometown Bayburt and her institution Bayburt University, and expressed her gratitude to everyone who contributed in the presence of Turkish President Erdoğan.

Congratulating Ehram Master Ataner, our Rector Prof. Dr. Turkmen said, " With the initiatives of our university, Bayburt Ehram had been registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. As Bayburt University, and we still continue to work to preserve the traditional features and quality of Ehram weaving, to transfer it to future generations, to add value to the city's economy, and to promote it nationally and internationally. "

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Türkmen stated that Ehram, with its weaving technique and motifs, has the local characteristics of Bayburt and is one of the local fabrics made in the city. He also stated that with the efforts of our Ehram master Sevim Ataner in the ehram workshop established within our University, efforts are being made to preserve and promote the traditional motifs and weaving techniques in the Bayburt Ehram, as well as to modern applications made with ehram fabric. 

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Turkmen, who wishes Sevim Ataner good career success,also wished the award would be good for Bayburt and Bayburt University, particularly Ehram Master Ataner.

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