Rector Coskun, was the guest of Bayburt Uni FM

Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun, was the guest of Bayburt Uni FM which was founded on the initiative of students of Bayburt University and reached a wide audience in a short time. Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun, who came together with the Uni FM team at breakfast, answered the questions of Ferdi Katılmış who provided the “ Gündem Özel” program. In the program where an sincere conversation about university and city-centered subjects took place, Rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk answered Katılmış's questions obtained from social media. He also conveyed many good news. Providing information about the university's existing infrastructure and social facilities, number of students, projects produced, congresses and vision of the future, he also stated that a clamped city-university dynamic will contribute to the improvement of existing conditions. Rector Coşkun stated that the universities are organic components that reflect and complement the culture of the cities and that they are trying to make Bayburt a better and more livable city. Rector Coşkun expressed that they are well aware of the expectations of the city and explained in detail what they are doing and what they will do.

After sharing the good news of the new campus area and the life center planned to be completed in a short time, Rector Coşkun mentioned that they will submit various festivals and events for the students.