UNESCO's Resolution joyfully welcomed at Bayburt University

Bayburt University rector Prof. Dr. Selçuk Coşkun, who made an statement on the subject,   emphasized the importance of Dede Korkut, which is a gift of humanity in the history of Bayburt and which is accepted as a universal value, by UNESCO. He stated that they gave the name of the historical figure to the main campus of the Bayburt university and that they founded the Dede Korkut Research Center. He said that societies have been shaped through folk tales and epics throughout history, trying to keep a value worth living for humanity. Prof Dr. Coşkun added, that they organized two symposia, one in Bayburt and the other in Azerbaijan,  in memory of Dede Korkut within the Research Center, performing concerts and represent Dede Korkut in different fields with Dede Korkut Science, Culture, Arts and Literature Awards. Also academicians have carried out studies in the related fields and transformed them into publications and projects. He said that, after the decision of UNESCO they will increase the number of projects and that they are planning meaningful activities throughout the year. In this context he noticed that conference series, panels, theater performances, sculpture works, concerts and cultural organizations that will be attended by the distinguished academicians and researchers, will be organized by the Research Center within the scope of Dede Korkut year activities in April. Prof. Dr. Coşkun mentioned that Dede Korkut is the face of Bayburt to the world there fore all the people in Bayburt welcomed the decision of UNESCO. He also expressed that Dede Korkut as cultural and historical figure  is an opportunity for the promotion of the city and the development of tourism in the region.

After the decision of UNESCO, TRT News made an live interview with Assoc. Dr. Hamdi Güleç in front of Dede Korkut tomb. In his speech Mr. Güleç said that Dede Korkut has lived in Anatolia and personally in Bayburt and told us unique epics.