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The Conference Titled "Where Does the World Go, What Does Turkey Do?" was held in Our University

The conference titled “Where does the world go, what does Turkey do?” organized by the Bayburt University Student Volunteers Community, was held at our university with the participation of İstanbul MP Metin Külünk and Author Murat Bahadır Akkoyunlu.
Bayburt Governor Mr. Cuneyt Epcim, Bayburt City Mayor Hükmü Pekmezci, our University President Prof. Dr. Mutlu Türkmen, Provincial Protocol, Bayburt University academics, many students and guests attended.

In his opening speech, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mutlu Türkmen said, “We are so glad to host one of Turkey's leading politicians, Istanbul MP Metin Külünk and our valuable writer Murat Bahadır Akkoyunlu at our university. I would like to thank our professors who are with us today, our guests and students who participated in our program.”

Külünk evaluated the mechanisms that control today's world order. Talking about the formation of the global system and its effects on humanity, Külünk touched upon the path which humanity has followed from various aspects and what kind of process they have gone through on this path. Emphasizing that the stages that shaped history are caused by migrations, Külünk said that the major periods were formed by migrations. In this context, he expressed where Turkey takes place in this formation.

Akkoyunlu, who conveyed where humanity and world politics basically came from and where it is going, touched on the political organizations that have taken their place from the past to the present and their positions. At the same time, Akkoyunlu, who evaluated how and in which aspects the history of humanity was affected, expressed how countries were positioned and what roles they played while these formations were taking place in world history. He conveyed what kind of an attitude Turkey has exhibited during this whole process, what obstacles it has faced, and what threats and difficulties it has faced in the struggle for independence.

City Governor Epcim, who made his speech at the end of the conference, stated that it was an eye-opening conference and that the audience benefited greatly from this conference. He said, “The message that is being given from Bayburt at this conference, which is held at a time when our country is freed from political tutelage and is struggling with economic tutelage, is very important. We know that all Bayburt residents are aware of and superior to the issues discussed here.” Expressing his special thanks to Istanbul MP Metin Külünk and Author Murat Bahadır Akkoyunlu, Governor Epcim also thanked everyone for their participation.

The conference ended with a photo shoot after the presentation of gifts by our Governor, Mayor and Rector.


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