Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an office which puts into practice the internationalization strategies of our university effectively and in a sustainable way, to be attuned to the new conditions of the higher education system in the field of internationalization, and to make the best contribution we can to Bayburt University’s internationalization strategy.

Our Mission

In pursuit of our goal of becoming a world-class university which is capable of fulfilling all the demands of an effective internationalization strategy.

To develop an appropriate and sustainable internationalisation strategy,

To design and implement an international student recruitment strategy for our university,

To actively work towards increasing the number of international students,

To coordinate the mobility of our students, academic staff and administrative staff,

To put into practice the standards and principles of the Bologna Process,

To provide information on issues related to education and youth to students of Bayburt University,
To establish a framework within which we can obtain the maximum benefit from international programmes and projects,

To monitor the coordination of international agreements in fields such as; international cooperation, double degree programmes and exchange programmes,

To pursue active participation in all activities that promote our university’s involvement in the field of international cooperation,

To publicise within our university the international facilities of our partner universities.