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YÖKAK President Kocabıçak explained the importance of institutional and program-based accreditation
Prof. Dr. Ümit Kocabıçak, President of the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK), told our students, academic and administrative staff about YÖK's vision of quality management assurance in the near future and the key role of accreditation in the realization of this vision at the conference titled “The Importance of Institutional and Program Accreditation in Universities and Accreditation Processes”. 

The conference, which took place at Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Conference Hall, started with the opening speech of our Rector Prof. Dr. Mutlu Türkmen. In his speech, Rector Prof. Dr. Türkmen said, “While our university is confidently preparing for the external evaluation of the Higher Education Quality Board, which is guiding the development of the Integrated Quality Management System, we greet you with the pride of being entitled to receive the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Standard Certificate. On this occasion, while we are on the threshold of an important period, we are aware of how important it is to meet with a name representing YÖKAK, the most important guide and guide of our quality adventure, at the highest level and to discuss accreditation management at such a representative level; I would like to express our feelings of gratitude."

Taking the floor after Rector Türkmen, YÖKAK Prof. Dr. Kocabıçak stated that the number of accredited universities among 208 universities in Turkey is 73 and that our University, which will undergo an institutional evaluation in the near future, is at an important threshold. Stating that the quality management system will be at the center of issues such as program opening, student admission, internationalization, cooperation and recognition in the future, Prof. Dr. Kocabıçak gave an example of the managerial approach defined as the PDCA cycle. Prof. Dr. Kocabıçak also appreciated the positive momentum of our university in the institutional and program-based accreditation process, adding that this process, which requires collective contribution, is an indispensable career culture component that is enjoyed by individuals and institutions after reaching transformation and competence capacity. After his speech, Prof. Dr. Kocabıçak answered the questions of our students and staff and shared the information that there is a significant positive difference in the relationship between graduates and employment depending on the accreditation variable. 
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