Erasmus Üniversite Beyannamesi

Erasmus Charter

Erasmus Üniversite Beyannamesi

Founded in 2008, Bayburt University aims to become a dynamic, international, multicultural and know-producing university. One of the main strategic purposes of the university is to turn the excitement of being newly established into the national and international advantages for all our students and academic staff, particularly through increasing their awareness of programs and projects in the framework of international student and staff exchanges. Participating in international associations is among priorities of Bayburt University and one of its major strategic objectives.

Bayburt University whose some units existing were previously affiliated with another university began its academic life as an separate institution in 2008, it has rapidly developed and has now total seven academic units consisting of three faculties (education faculty, engineering faculty and faculty of economics and administrative sciences), one health school, one vocational training school and two graduate institutions (institutes of social sciences and natural and applied sciences).

Since Erasmus activities prior to 2008 were conducted within the scope of the university that previously incorporate some academic units of Bayburt University, the university’s academic units have already had a significant international experience of student and staff exchange. Therefore, we believe that the former experience of international student and staff exchange studies will make a significant contribution the university’s next international project, program and relationships such as Erasmus.

We expect that participating in the Erasmus program, the Erasmus multilateral projects and networks will significantly increase the student and staff mobility and provide an important contribution to institutional recognition and internationalization as well as international recognition of the qualifications acquired by the students and the staff of Bayburt University.

In addition, we believe that the Eramus program will give a considerable opportunity to introduce our traditional culture to incoming students and European cultures to outgoing students. So, we target to make agreements by communicating as many higher education institutions as possible. The posters and information brochures as well as the meetings and the conferences aiming to create conscious of the Erasmus program in the university will be distributed to the libraries and the departments to inform students and staff.

A website is made to give information incoming and outgoing students and staff about the Erasmus University Charter (EUC), EPS and ECTS information packages. We believe that it gives visibility to the Erasmus activities and publicity to the EUC and EPS. The university criteria for participation in the Erasmus incorporate the non-discrimination objectives. Anyone who accomplishes the essential requirements disregarding the differences such as gender, racism, social and cultural backgrounds will be promoted to apply to the Erasmus program.

The measures required for their easily access to buildings will be taken by the units. To make all Erasmus activities accessible for the disabled students, all activities will be publicized on the website.